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For thousands of years, holistic disciplines have been used by kings and queens for their benefits. My ambition is to make these forgotten or hidden practices more accessible to all, to allow everyone to feel more serene and confident in their lives. 


Through her Hoehl's Care offer, Sophie Hoehlinger proposes an approach to develop one's well-being, self-confidence, personal energy and inner beauty: 


  • Learn to know oneself better thanks to numerology.

  • Balancing and magnifying one's inner vibration through energetic support in a sustainable way.

  • Wear raw crystals on your skin or in a natural fibre envelope that allows you to harmonise and face life's situations with confidence and serenity. 

How does it work? 



Your theme is made on the basis of your first and last names, your date and place of birth. Each theme is totally unique and personalised as it is based on your unique combination. 


Energy healing 

The connection is made with a very strong intention to the person. Using a protocol that has been taught for hundreds of years, the practitioner rebalances the personal vibration of each person to bring inner calm, relaxation and emotional release. This practice is amplified by the use of crystal wands during the treatment.


Sophie Hoehlinger offers you these holistic approaches by appointment and at a distance after making contact

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